Casita Alicia

Your restful retreat in the mountains.

San Sebastián del Oeste
Jalisco, Mexico
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Things To Do
You can also use Casita Alicia as a base for exploring the region. Here are two suggested day trips:

Mascota, located only 34 miles (54 km) away, is known as the “Jewel of the Sierra.” It is an agricultural town, but is also known for breeding and training fine Arabian horses. Mascota has a typical colonial town square and many vestiges of its past as a wealthy mining town.

A little farther on is Talpa de Allende (about 49 miles / 78 km from San Sebastián). Talpa is the site of three pilgrimages a year to see the famous Virgin "Rosario of Talpa." One can visit the church where the statue of the Virgin is kept. The town’s population triples during festivals as many Mexicans make their pilgrimage to this site. Talpa is also famous for small figures made by hand from the sap of the Chitle tree, the same tree responsible for Chiclets chewing gum.

For those in a festive mood, San Sebastián del Oeste has several annual events that are sure to please. Music and art festivals are held periodically, drawing participants and attendees from points near and far.

Major celebrations:
Festival of Patron San Sebastian Martyr
January 19-21

Festival of the Virgin of the Asunción
August 15

Mexican Independence Celebration
September 15-16

Festival of the Virgin of the Rosary
October 7

Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe
December 12

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Your visit to San Sebastián del Oeste can be as restful or as active as you choose. The town, and the area, are best enjoyed with a visit long enough to let the essence of this peaceful, historic hamlet get under your skin.

If you are looking for a tranquil retreat, Casita Alicia is the perfect place to escape and recharge. Enjoy the peace and quiet on the private patio with your morning coffee, evening cocktails, or just a good book. This is a great place to discover artistic inspiration or to meditate and refocus your energy. Or you can just relax with friends around on the casita’s private patio.  Another option is to grab a cerveza and watch the day go by at the town square.

If you want a little higher activity level, San Sebastián is a photographer’s paradise where even the smallest details are worthy of capturing and remembering. Explore the many ancient stonewalled walkways that wind for miles through the village and the surrounding hills. Many connect the mining villas of a bygone era. Hunt for relics among the ruins of a gold and silver reduction foundry.

Seek out exotic birds in the rich foliage around the village. Here's a comment from one of our guests regarding birding at Casita Alicia: " I've been a birder since I was in grade-school, and have done birding trips throughout the U.S., Canada, elsewhere in Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe & Africa. I can tell you, with no hesitancy, that the birding around your casita is just superb."

Learn about San Sebastián’s history at doña Conchita’s museum (small charge). Tour the rustic grandeur of historic Hacienda Jalisco (check to see if it's open). Or visit the Church of San Sebastián the Martyr, founded in 1608. Other options include a tour of the local tequila distillery or a visit to the local coffee plantation. Or how about a guided tour of an abandoned silver mine?

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For those with even more energy, San Sebastián will not disappoint. Take your mountain bike out for a spin around the hills and valleys surrounding the village. There is plenty of hiking, and you can even climb “La Bufa” where on a clear day you can see the Bay of Banderas. Horseback riding is also available. There are ATVs for rent in town.